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Black Angus Sire
Duff Angus 011
Duff Angus 011
Click photo to enlarge
Reg. No.: 16845825
Calved: 1/7/2010
Tattoo: 011

Conv. Semen: $25
Certificates: $40
Duff Angus 011:
Angus 011 is a son of the great, New Edition, whose calves are standouts for eye appeal, early growth and body type.
Use to bring back ideal Angus breed character, fleshing ease and forage conversion.

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Duff New Edition 6108 O C C Genesis 872G O C C Doctor 940D
Blackbird of R R 1204
O C C Dixie Erica 814G O C C Anchor 771A
O C C Dixie Erica 764C
Duff Angus 011
FCC Rosetta 745R O C C Missing Link 830M O C C Headliner 661H
O C C Dixie Erica 946K
FCC Rosetta 983N O C C Just Right 619J
Jauer 7318 DBL 3121 039