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Black Angus Sire
Hoover Cut Above P427
Hoover Cut Above P427
Click photo to enlarge
Reg. No.: 18470294
Calved: 8/17/2015
Tattoo: P427

Conv. Semen: $20
Certificates: $40
Hoover Cut Above P427:
• Hoover Cut Above was the third top-selling bull at $24,000 in our 2017 auction selling to Accelerated Genetics and Hart Farms. If you are looking to save replacement daughters with superior udder quality and not sacrifice frame, check out Cut Above!
• Cut Above was a member of the “Fab Five”, the set of 5 flush brothers that averaged $23,800! This flush led off our sale, and for good reason. Two of these flush brothers were selected by bull studs, making the 5th and 6th bulls produced by the Erica cow family to reside in bull studs. Cut Above was a bigger framed bull from this flush, still offering plenty of thickness, and excellent foot quality.
• A maternal brother to Cut Above was the 2nd top selling bull of our 2016 auction at $30,000 to Alta Genetics. This bull, Hoover Ambition, was the #1 adjusted weaning weight bull of our entire spring 2015 crop at 919 pounds. A full sister to Ambition was the 3rd top weaning weight ET heifer and #1 YW ET heifer of our 2015 crop!
• Donor dam L5 is one of our favorites. L5’s first daughter in production weaned the 9th top weaning weight heifer of her crop. L5 records 3-105 WR on her natural progeny and 12-102 IMF ratio and 12-103 ribeye ratio. L5 recently weaned an 842 pound heifer calf at Baldridges to ratio 107 in a small contemporary group of donor cows’ calves! L5 was the standout heifer of her crop – she was the #1 adjusted weaning weight, #1 adjusted yearling weight heifer at 779 lbs., WR 116, YW 1160 lbs., YR 114. She turned in a superior scan with a 7.05 IMF, ratio 119, and a 14.6” ribeye, ratio 119. Among 88 contemporaries, she had the 5th largest ribeye scan. Breed average ribeye scan for heifers is currently 9.73”.
• L5 has a tremendous EPD profile, with top 1% EPDs for: WW, YW, Scrotal, Docility, HP, CW, RE, $W, $F, and $B. Even more amazing is that she does this with BW and CED EPDs in the best 10-15% of the breed! Searching the AAA’s database for three of her top 1% traits ($W, $B, and Scrotal), there are only 3 cows in the breed that can top her EPDs! Add just one more of L5’s top traits such as Docility or HP, and not a single cow in the breed can touch her!
• Pathfinder grandam G366 – I could write a book on this cow! She is truly one of the most incredible females ever bred on our 89 year-old Angus farm. She has grossed $158,000 in registered progeny sales. She records 8-98 BWR and 8-107 WR with a 365 day calving interval on those 8 progeny. That includes stealing flushes four different years!
• G366’s progeny have stood up to the test in our past production sales. Eight of her sons and daughters have been photo features, and 7 of her progeny have sold for $10,000 or more. G366 and her daughter L5 are the only mother-daughter pair in the herd to have each grossed over $100,000 on registered progeny sales.
• Several of G366’s progeny have been among the top weaning weight calves of their crop. L5, mentioned above, was the #1 WW heifer of her crop. The very next year, G366 repeated this accomplishment with another #1 WW daughter. To make it three years running, an ET son claimed #1 WW honors over the entire crop (ET and non-ET progeny) in 2015!
• G366 produced the Lot 1 and Lot 2 bulls in our 2017 auction selling for $14,500 and $9500. G366 was the grandam of both the Lot 1 and Lot 2 bulls in our 2016 auction. A direct daughter of G366 was the co-top selling bred heifer in our 2016 auction.

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Hoover Cut Above P427
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