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Black Angus Sire
Sioux Pass Perfection
Sioux Pass Perfection
Click photo to enlarge
Reg. No.: 18833654
Calved: 1/9/2017
Tattoo: 702E

Conv. Semen: $25
Certificates: $35
Sioux Pass Perfection:
• As of 11-16-18
• Number 2 ORIgen option for Calving Ease Direct EPD, Number 4 for Birth Weight EPD and Number 5 for reducing Mature Height EPD
• Top 1% for $Beef value index, $Feedlot value index, $Weaned calf value index, Yearling Weight EPD and Calving Ease Direct EPD, top 2% for Birth Weight EPD and Weaning Weight EPD, top 3% for $Grid value index and Marbling score EPD, top 4% for hot Carcass Weight EPD, top 10% for Docility score EPD, percent Heifer Pregnancy EPD and Rib Eye area measure EPD, top 15% for Calving Ease Maternal EPD, top 20% for reducing Mature Height EPD and top 25% for Residual Average Daily Gain EPD and top 25% for Scrotal Circumference EPD
• Perfection sets a new standard for beef production as he has it all and is the epitome of the beef industry future that proves that you can produce a no miss, sleep all night heifer bull with rapid early growth WITHOUT creating bigger cows.
• He is also as good as you can make one from a type and kind standpoint... attractive, deep and correct with a great disposition and if we could produce bulls with a cookie cutter, this bull's EPDs and genomic scores would be the mold.
• Perfection could be the best friend you've got around the heifer calving barn and he is perfect for the direction of producers seeking top of the line beef genetics adapted for commercial production keeping mature size where you want it without sacrificing growth and he also balances the multi-dimensional traits of reproduction, maternal, carcass, performance, and docility.
• His sire, Bragging Rights was the $100,000 genomic superstar that topped the 2015 44 Farms Sale to Twelve Stones Farm in Arkansas as one of the first of many top-selling sons of the $110,000 V A R Discovery.
• As his dam’s first calf, Perfection balanced a birth ratio 79, a weaning ratio of 104, and a yearling ratio of 111 while his Hoover Dam grandam records two progeny with an average birth ratio of 92, three with an average weaning ratio of 113, one yearling with a ratio of 107 and 21 progeny scanned with an average %IMF ratio of 134 and an average URE ratio of 118.
• Sioux Pass Angus considers the grandam of Perfection the best Hoover Dam daughter in the breed and as an owner of that ORIgen breed legend they have a basis for this lofty claim and Hoover Dam daughters have stood the test of time in terms of functionality, fertility, muscle, maternal, docility, and longevity.
• Perfection blends two critically important disciplines that rarely co-exist together, as he combines moderate frame size with a big body in an easy keeping phenotype that holds together and won't melt in challenging real world's conditions.
• Most bulls built like this have not competed on data until now as no bull in the breed matches Perfection's multi-trait excellence and genomic strength and his owners describe Perfection as incredible and believable and his rare genetic combination is available.

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44 Bragging Rights 4372 V A R Discovery 2240 A A R Ten X 7008 S A
Deer Valley Rita 0308
44 Ruby 2357 Connealy Capitalist 028
44 Ruby X110
Sioux Pass Perfection
SPA 576C of 2 x Substance EXAR Substance 1986B Connealy Consensus 7229
Exar Everelda 8681
SPA 2 of 0 X HD Hoover Dam
SPA 0 gp1 mt 1 847 X BS