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Black Angus Sire
MW DNAmite
MW DNAmite
Click photo to enlarge
Reg. No.: 18511488
Calved: 8/2/2016
Tattoo: 6D80

Conv. Semen: $25
Certificates: $35
MW DNAmite:
As of 11-16-18
Number 4 ORIgen option for Calving Ease Maternal EPD and top 10 for $Beef value index, $Feedlot value index, $Weaned calf value index, Yearling Weight EPD, maternal Milk EPD and Calving Ease Direct EPD
Top 1% for $Beef value index, $Weaned calf value index, $Feedlot value index, Yearling Weight EPD, hot Carcass Weight EPD and Rib Eye area measure EPD, top 2% for Weaning Weight EPD, maternal Milk EPD and Calving Ease Maternal EPD, top 4% for Marbling score EPD and Residual Average Daily Gain EPD, top 5% for $Grid value index, top 10% for Calving Ease Direct EPD, top 20% for Birth Weight EPD and Docility score EPD and better than breed average for percent Heifer Pregnancy EPD and Scrotal Circumference EPD
Superiority in multi-trait selection is not a one or two shot deal, it requires strength and balance to simultaneously hit more than a dozen or more traits at the same time and it is one of the most challenging endeavors in progressive animal breeding selections.
MW DNAmite was the exciting high selling bull in the 2018 National Western Angus Bull Sale and maternal brothers include the ABS Global feature, Springfield Ramesses 6124 and the $40,000 high selling bull at the 2018 National Western Foundation Sale, Welytok Prime Divine 6091.
His dam has 10 EPD values and bio-economic indexes in the top 1% and the grandam is close behind with nine and they are two of the strongest performance, genomic and phenotype cows in the breed and the strength of the maternal pedigree will determine the consistency of DNAmite's progeny.
Few cows in this business can claim a greater spread from Birth Weight EPD to Yearling Weight EPD and the cow family that produced DNAmite does it with regularity along with displaying perfect udders and disciplined cow size combine with body mass and structure.
DNAmite has extra length of body, is docile, clean made, smooth shouldered, and is a structurally correct heifer bull backed by all the data progressive commercial and registered breeders are demanding.
His sire's contribution is to reduce feed intake (DMI), improve disposition and increase tenderness since he ranks in the top 10% of the breed for genomic scores for all three traits and surprisingly his mature daughters are not big cows.
DNAmite was PAP tested by Dr. Tim Holt with a score of 37 at 17 months of age at Fort Collins, Colorado and posted a 6.1 frame score.
DNAmite should sire great cows that produce efficient converting bulls and steers with good feet and the marbling score genetics to grade USDA Prime.

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WR Journey-1X74 B/R Future Direction 4268 C A Future Direction 5321
B/R Ruby 9114
2 Bar 5050 New Design 7831 G A R New Design 5050
2 Bar 036 Lady 0107
MW DNAmite
WelytokTotal10Erianna3B2 A A R Ten X 7008 S A Mytty In Focus
A A R Lady Kelton 5551
Quaker Hill Erianna 8T2 TC Total 410
Quaker Hill Erianna 2J3