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Bull Barn Genetics Black Gelbvieh SemenAmerican Gelbvieh Association
We welcome your interest to our lineup of Gelbvieh sires. We have spent many hours looking at progeny, females and bulls that tie a package together for great genetics. The bulls in this listing have new additions for selecting outcross pedigrees for your breeding program. Nothing changed as we still aim to service your genetic needs and we have semen available on many other sires and on bulls of other breeds. Give us a call and we value your patronage!

If you don't find what you're looking for here - we have more 'hard to find' Gelbvieh semen available in our Gelbvieh Bargain Semen

(Click on the underlined Bull you would like more information on)
= Added to lineup in the last 90 days     = Includes Photo   = Includes Description

Reg. No. Color Semen
01E 1389622 Homo Blk $25
08W 1114020 Black $20
3G Space Cowboy 983071 Black $25
47R 943745 Homo Blk $20
534Z 1234890 Homo Blk $30
ADKINS Jackpot 906W 1111524 Homo Blk $25
Alumni 7513A ET 1257046 Homo Blk $40
American Outlaw 1436052 Homo Blk $40
Apollo 1392702 Black $30
Arrow H Ramrod 13z 1212366 Homo Blk $25
Ascendance K318 1576164 Homo Blk $45
Bee Lick Granite Yale 1197694 Homo Blk $25
Bennett U271 1092059 Homo Blk $35
Blue Moon 178D73 ET 1351922 Het Blk $25
Bodacious 1297Y 1200762 Homo Blk $25
Bolton Pay Day 45C 1321630 Homo Blk $22
Bourban Street 1318053 Homo Blk $30
Carolina Commotion 6230D 1370871 Homo Blk $25
Carolina Exclusive 1230Y 1220437 Homo Blk $30
Carolina Fortune 2564JET 687061 Homo Blk $25
Cocoa 35C 405990 Het Blk $15
CTR Jackpot 8660F ET 1468377 Homo Blk $35
CTR Jackpot 8665F ET 1468264 Homo Blk $35
D1605 1346197 Het Blk $25
Danell Bruiser 43K 1535049 Homo Blk $30
Danell Choco 53B 1278414 Homo Blk $30
Danell Napoleon 01E 1381787 Homo Blk $30
Danell TD Chico Loco 28Y 1184875 Homo Blk $20
Danell Top Shelf 38K ET 1535044 Black $30
Davidson Jackpot 74Z 1248679 Homo Blk $25
DDGR Resilient 275D 1355159 Black $25
DLW All Business 408Y 1180118 Black $30
Eight Seconds C008 1323953 Het Blk $30
Elite Impact 4F 1414326 Homo Blk $30
Final Frontier C95 1324287 Homo Blk $30
Franchise F806 1438051 Homo Blk $30
Great Divide 503C 1308897 Black $25
Reg. No. Color Semen
Hammertime D008 1364735 Black $30
Hille A119 1259985 Homo Blk $25
Intimidator 617Z 1243034 Homo Blk $35
Jetsetter E30 1386485 Homo Blk $30
K2201 1549197 Homo Blk $30
Kat Napper D26 1354064 Homo Blk $30
KHR Last Stand 1424412 Homo Blk $30
Lazy TV Sam U451 1079233 Homo Blk $22
Lazy TV Substance A094 1254282 Black $20
Legend E002 1394665 Homo Blk $30
Lethal Weapon 254B83 1282023 Black $25
Limit Order 205K 1559879 Homo Blk $30
M/L Advantage 375086 Homo Blk $20
MC Ransome 103X 1178797 Homo Blk $25
MR Desperado 0085H 1483403 Homo Blk $35
Mr Lucky 3255L 1578602 Black $50
New Horizon C51 ET 1322615 Homo Blk $30
Oklahoma 246C4 1333189 Black $25
Painted Black 254C741 1333282 Black $25
Post Rock Astronaut 157A 1263322 Homo Blk $35
RNBG Standout H156 1480886 Black $25
Rush 110H ET 1486376 Black $30
Secret Link 214D98 1351066 Homo Blk $25
Secret Sensation 140A43 1265115 Black $25
Silver Dollar Z645 1242317 Black $25
Southeastern F012 1423181 Homo Blk $30
Sterling 1212736 Homo Blk $30
The Man 113U 1089222 Black $25
Top Shelf 150H ET 1487223 Homo Blk $25
Top Stock J137 1511342 Homo Blk $30
TPG Jackpot 7551B ET 1306681 Homo Blk $30
Transformer 254E44 1387345 Black $25
Unrivaled G54 1458776 Black $25
Wide Track 3706A ET 1306804 Homo Blk $40
71 Bulls


Gelbvieh Bull Barn and its agents or employees cannot guarantee the conception rate quality or productivity to be obtained in connection with the use of its products or recommended techniques, therefore, it makes no warranty of any kind whatsoever expressed or implied which extend beyond description of the products herein and all warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are hereby disclaimed.

Further, neither Gelbvieh Bull Barn nor any of its or their agents or employees, shall be responsible for any injury, damage or loss caused to persons, animals or property through the negligent use or handling of its or their products, or for any damages or loss due to any defects in the containers used in connection therewith.