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Bull Barn Genetics Gelbvieh Balancer Semen
Refer to our SmartCross material for more information on these bulls
American Gelbvieh Association
We welcome your interest to our lineup of Gelbvieh sires. We have spent many hours looking at progeny, females and bulls that tie a package together for great genetics. The bulls in this listing have new additions for selecting outcross pedigrees for your breeding program. Nothing changed as we still aim to service your genetic needs and we have semen available on many other sires and on bulls of other breeds. Give us a call and we value your patronage!

If you don't find what you're looking for here - we have more 'hard to find' Gelbvieh semen available in our Gelbvieh Bargain Semen

(Click on the Bull you would like more information on)
= Added to lineup in the last 90 days     = Includes Photo   = Includes Description

Reg No.
Color Semen
3G Bootlegger 439B 1284650 Het Blk $25
3G Die Cast 637D 1354383 Black $30
3G EZ Money 209Z 1223268 Black $40
3G Fort Apache 835F 1421976 Homo Blk $30
3G Smoke N' Mirrors 986778 Homo Blk $50
3G Warlock 928W 1114289 Black $30
Avalanche 045A 1254347 Homo Blk $25
Bar GT Cross Fire500W ET 1124574 Het Blk $40
Barrett B050 1297961 Black $30
Bennett B29 1296276 Homo Blk $30
BGGR Gravity 803A 1263787 Black $30
Black Baron D126 ET 1357986 Homo Blk $30
Black Marble Tender 006X 1139874 Homo Blk $20
Brickyard 254D236 1351682 Het Blk $25
BTBR Nevada 1170Y 1184487 Homo Blk $20
Butlers Code Red 506T ET 1066008 Red $25
Butlers Red Oak 908W 1132998 Red $35
C503 Young Gun 1329053 Homo Blk $25
Capitol Hill 516C 1310918 Homo Blk $25
Classic 266D ET 1357203 Black $20
Copperfield ET 1323668 Black $30
Crude Dude 2339Z 1228822 Homo Blk $20
CTR Sandhills 0065X 1189131 Black $30
Danell A. J. 12A ET 1250920 Black $20
Danell Lariat 688A 1250938 Homo Blk $20
Danell Turnabout 20W 1109467 Homo Blk $25
Day Money D047 ET 1372736 Red $30
Derringer 96X 1155651 Black $25
Dialed In D032 ET 1372727 Homo Blk $25
Ditka C85 1322576 Homo Blk $40
DLW Redemption 227B 1289450 Red $30
Doc Holliday D100 ET 1372764 Black $40
Dura Max 1373379 Black $25
EGL Lifeline B101 1298079 Homo Blk $30
Enterprise E080 1402524 Red $25
F2 Trademark P3 891351 Homo Blk $8
Foundation 2310Z 1244668 Homo Blk $25
Fox News 020F 1430199 Homo Blk $30
Game Changer D136 1372783 Homo Blk $30
Godfather 1355452 Homo Blk $30
Good Night 715T 1086538 Black $25
Reg. No.
Hart 34W18 1097963 Red $20
Infinity 47C 1319015 Homo Blk $20
Investigator 178Y22 1205388 Black $20
Iron Horse 1246707 Homo Blk $22
J-Bob 4665M ET 840675 Homo Blk $25
John 316C 1335221 Homo Blk $30
Lazy TV Old School T231 1039590 Red $30
Lazy TV Watchman W021 1115408 Homo Blk $30
Levi S151 ET 1012949 Homo Blk $20
Marshall 214X2 1152366 Black $20
MCF Bruce Almighty 35PET 899675 Het Blk $20
Mr Black Cross 3002N ET 848137 Homo Blk $18
Mr Front Page 114W 1134121 Black $20
Mr Krugerrand 70M 130P 904079 Homo Blk $20
Mr. Payweight 19C ET 1344969 Homo Blk $20
Multitool 706A22 1266881 Homo Blk $20
NFCC Extreme Makeover 12Z 1248694 Black $22
Optimizer 148A24 1266738 Homo Blk $30
Post Rock Highly Focused 1219898 Homo Blk $20
Primo 541E ET 1381446 Black $20
Probity 254D28 1351990 Homo Blk $25
Red Power 583U 1072061 Red $25
Roundhouse B019 1296227 Homo Blk $35
Sand Trap ET 1334184 Homo Blk $30
Sandman 6523S 1030628 Black $25
Scale Buster 164E2 1386376 Black $25
Secret Component 285A393 1251662 Het Blk $25
SGRI Jacked Up Z704 1214573 Black $25
SKF Wharton 51W 1144566 Black $20
Sugar Daddy ET 1244920 Homo Blk $25
Sundown 1156041 Red $20
SYD Boondocks Axel 3116A ET 1271505 Black $30
T-Bone 803A 1245821 Homo Blk $25
Tenderloin 1214431 Black $20
Time Traveler 450X 1175265 Black $25
Tomahawk 3715N 887864 Red $20
Traveler 0907K 721347 Homo Blk $20
Turn The Crank 132B21 1297630 Black $20
Wessington 213E3 1387331 Red $20
Western Hauler 028S 1007861 Homo Blk $25
Wow Factor 254C282 1313702 Het Blk $25


Gelbvieh Bull Barn and its agents or employees cannot guarantee the conception rate quality or productivity to be obtained in connection with the use of its products or recommended techniques, therefore, it makes no warranty of any kind whatsoever expressed or implied which extend beyond description of the products herein and all warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are hereby disclaimed.

Further, neither Gelbvieh Bull Barn nor any of its or their agents or employees, shall be responsible for any injury, damage or loss caused to persons, animals or property through the negligent use or handling of its or their products, or for any damages or loss due to any defects in the containers used in connection therewith.