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Black Angus Sire
Basin Jameson 1076
Basin Jameson 1076
Click photo to enlarge
Reg. No.: 20071781
Calved: 1/18/2021
Tattoo: 1076

Conv. Semen: $60
Sexed Semen: $F100 M100
Certificates: $50
Basin Jameson 1076:
• As of 2-3-23, among all ORIgen sires, NUMBER 1 for Weaning Weight EPD, Number 2 for $Weaned calf value index, Yearling Weight EPD and hot Carcass Weight EPD, Number 5 for $Combined value index, Number 6 for $Beef value index, Number 8 for score for foot Angle EPD and Number 10 for $Feedlot value index, $Grid value index, $Angus x Holstein crossbreeding value index and $Angus x Jersey crossbreeding value index
• Basin Jameson is the $600,000 Montana record-setting sire who balanced a 70 lbs birth weight as his dam’s first calf with an adjusted 205 day weight of 834 lbs and an adjusted 365 day weight of 1,352 lbs while being fed a low energy ration designed for his long term reproductive fitness and semen production
• Dam of Basin Jameson stacks the $80,000 two-thirds interest highly proven Marbling score EPD sire, EXAR Monumental and the Pathfinder Sire, Basin Rainmaker P175, a highly reliable outcross source of marbling genetics and productive daughters with longevity and a heifer pregnancy from her sold for $40,000 in the 2022 Big Event at Express • Grandam of Basin Jameson produced Basin Rainmaker 4404, a grandson of Basin Rainmaker P175 that has been a popular sire in the EZ Angus Ranch and GENEX programs and she is now a foundation donor for Basin and EZ after a productive donor career at Montana Ranch
• A maternal sister to the grandam of Basin Jameson sold to EZ Angus Ranch for $30,000 after producing the Basin and Express outcross ORIgen sire, Basin Advance 5016, and the third dam produced more than $500,000 in progeny sales for Basin and Express before joining the Teixeira program in California and could be the breed’s greatest daughter of the past ORIgen featured sire Special Focus
• Ultra-elite for $Combined value index, $Beef value index, $Weaned calf value index, $Angus x Holstein crossbreeding value index, $Angus x Jersey crossbreeding value index, Weaning Weight EPD, Yearling Weight EPD and hot Carcass Weight EPD, elite for $Feedlot value index, $Grid value index and Marbling score EPD, superior for Rib Eye area measure EPD, Hair Shedding score EPD and score for hoof Angle EPD and better than breed avg for PAP score EPD, score for Claw set EPD, Docility score EPD, percent Heifer Pregnancy EPD, Scrotal Circumference measure EPD and Calving Ease Direct EPD

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Basin Deposit 6249 Basin Advance 3134 G A R Progress
Basin O Lass 1663
Basin Lucy 4288 EXAR Denver 2002B
Basin Lucy 1037
Basin Jameson 1076
BasinJoy9140 EXAR Monumental 6056B 3F Epic 4631
FWY 7008 of C085 4029
Basin Joy 5367 Basin Rainmaker P175
Basin Joy 1036