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Black Angus Sire
WW Combo
WW Combo
Click photo to enlarge
Reg. No.: 20539835
Calved: 11/3/2022
Tattoo: WW30

Conv. Semen: $30
Certificates: $35
WW Combo:
Finding the right combination, using the tools to make you cattle better to make progress quicker on multiple traits, to create a low input high output cowherd allowing you to capture additioal value at every segment of the beef prodection chain takes a special genetic package.
18 month scrotal meaasurement 38 cm measured by two vets
Individual performance: BW 72, BWR 86, 205 wt. 714, WWR 114, 365 wt. 1329, YWR 117. Yearling frame size: 5.7. Scan data: Adj. to IMF 6.64, Ratio 134, Adj. RE: 12.9, Ratio 122.
Dams production: 2BR95, 2NR117, 2YR 120. She puts 2 IMF 141, RE 128. She was the $95,000 top selling bred cow from the 2022 Soaring Eagle Farms annual sale selected by McGinn Angus, TN.
WW Combo and his flush brother were th top two $C bulls in the 2024 National Angus Bull Sale in Oklahoma City both over the +400 SC value levels
For virtually every trait that relates to profits at the cow/calf level, he is in the to 5-15%. The comforting thing about this pedigree is their attributes will never go out of style: low birth, high growth, moderate frame, plus milk, high heifer pregnancy ratings, top PAP, good feet with strong carcass EPDs with marbling and muscle. You can never end at the wrong end of the stick with this combo in the cow business.

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G A R Home Town G A R Ashland G A R Early Bird
Chair Rock Ambush 1018
Chair Rock Sure Fire 6095 G A R Sure Fire
Chair Rock Progress 3005
WW Combo
1AWelytok/WallErica9026 E W A Peyton 642 Quaker Hill Manning 4EX9
E W A 444 of 968 Progress
Williams Prop Erica 255-139 G A R Prophet
Williams Erica 812