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Bull Barn Genetics - Club Calf Semen.

Bull Barn Genetics monitors the ongoing changes in bulls and semen availability in the Club Calf market.  We can supply you with about any Club Calf semen from nearly all the major suppliers including Genetic Horizons.

After more than 30 years of breeding, raising and selling club calves, we have access to all available club calf semen. Contact us or simply add the bull you want to the order. There are way too many club calf bulls to list and they are here today and gone tomorrow. When you start using three and four way cross bulls, you just don't know what you will get until you use him. Eldon tells people to use what works. On the sires we use here at Cedar Top Ranch, Eldon is more than able and willing to advise his semen customers on how to use the bulls he has used himself and seen progeny on.

If you don't find what you're looking for here - we have more 'hard to find' Maine Anjou semen available in our Maine Anjou Bargain Semen or our Chianina Bargain Semen

= Added to lineup in the last 90 days     = Photo available     = Description available     = Registered Bull
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28 bulls

Short Name
Association Name Breed Reg Num Semen TH PHA Code yr
Alias CLNG Alias Chianina 310845 $30 Free by Test Free by Test 4L .
Business Done Right (Char Infl) Business Done Right (Char Comp) Composite $50 Free Free 4 18
Captain Morgan Captain Morgan Composite $25 Free Free . 10
Choppin Wood Choppin Wood Composite $25 Carrier Free L 12
Free Agent Free Agent Composite $30 Free Free 4 19
Hilton Magic CBCC HILTON MAGIC ET Charolais EMP2016 $30 Carrier Free L 19
Huff N Puff Huff N Puff Chianina 395865 $35 na na 0L 15
In God We Trust In God We Trust Composite $35 Carrier Free 4 17
Lovin the Business Lovin the Business Composite $50 Free Free 4 15
Milk Man (Lautner) MilkMan Chianina 334046 $30 Carrier Free by Test L 08
Portland Road Old Portland Road Composite $35 Free Free 4 18
Power Up Power Up Composite $30 Carrier Free L 18
Puff This CBCC Puff This ET Charolais EMP2015 $35 Carrier Free 4 18
Pump Daddy Pump Daddy Composite $50 Carrier Free 4 15
Quicksilver Quicksilver Composite $50 Carrier Free 4 16
Rocket Fuel HLC Rocket Fuel D68 Charolais EMP1943 $25 Free Free 4 18
Runaway Train Runaway Train Composite $30 Carrier Free L 15
Slingshot Slingshot Composite $25 4 18
Smoke and Mirrors Smoke and Mirrors Composite $30 Carrier Free L 12
Snow Goose Mimms Snow Goose Composite $30 Free Free 4 18
Southern Comfort Southern Comfort Composite $30 Carrier Free L 13
Steam Roller Steam Roller Chianina 362731 $30 Free Free 4L 18
The General The General Composite $50 Free Free 4 18
Trust in Me Trust in Me Chianina 392277 $35 Carrier Free L 18
Uncle Kracker AFSC Uncle Kracker Maine Anjou 415675 $10 Free Free . 11
Unfinished Business Unfinished Business Maine Anjou 478377 $30 Free Free 4 18
Yellow Jacket Yellow Jacket Maine Anjou 357758 $30 Free Free 4 07
Yeti FAIR Yeti 14D ET Chianina 385124 $30 Carrier Free 4 18

210 Starr Drive - Stapleton, NE 69163
Phone: 1-800-535-6173 or 308-587-2348
FAX: 308-587-2248